Modern Home.  Healthy Heart.  Metaphysical Art.

For J.W. CUDD, art isn’t just a materialistic painting—it’s a way of life. “Art is a form of color therapy for me, and subconsciously, it’s a form for everyone. Look around your home.  We surround ourselves with colors and objects that make us feel secure, and visuals that remind us of what we’re trying to become.” Cudd says, “I want my art to positively influence the lives of others through the use of colors.” Cultivated by the vibrantly saturated works of Pablo Picasso, and the impressionist Claude Monet, J.W. Cudd has taken his influences and added his own twist: metaphysics. J.W. says, “By studying meditation and holistic approaches to health, I’ve learned there are certain key elements, plants, and colors that have influence over the mind. I feel that my job, as an artist, is to portray those elements, and give rise to positive feelings people can benefit from —to clear their mind, body and soul. For example, sea salt has been used in holistic therapy for centuries—removing positive ions (that create negative energy) and allowing negative ions (that attract positive energy) to be present. By painting a foundation of sea salt into many of my paintings, I do not only give the viewer something easy on the eyes, but also, a product that has a positive vibration for the home.” J.W. manifests his art to promote the following characteristics: healing, love, serenity, creativity, and spiritual protection—while also, disposing of stress and anxiety. 

Three Dimensions

If you are not aware of the positive reinforcement properties tied within his art—at a glance—J.W. has another way of catching your eye. “Most of my artwork has a three-dimensional aspect to it. Whether it be thousands of butterflies on top of one another, or water lilies blooming in the middle of the canvas, I believe it gives the mind a rest from our hectic day-to-day lives . . . Since, it’s rather peculiar to look at. My objective is to alleviate the stress from the world for the viewer, even if just for a second; I think this helps to achieve that goal.” 


“Although some artists are able to sit and paint the physical settings they witness—I do not. The art I create comes from dreams, meditations, and visions I see throughout the day. Once I receive the visual, I quickly sketch it out on a yellow notepad, and observe how it sits with me. If there’s something adamant about it—that’s screaming out at me—I begin five seconds later. However, I’ve waited a year, and almost two years in some cases. Timing is important; to have success in my product, it needs to match the emotional state I’m traveling through in life. This way, there are no lies on canvas.”

angelartifacts header.png

CUDD debuted his "Angel Artifacts" collection at Entertainment Weekly's PopFest causing a spectacle of color to invade the star-studded showroom that was home to celebrities like: Anna Farris, Seth Rogen, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, Minka Kelly and more. Centered around the hottest entertainment in pop culture, Entertainment Weekly brought fans face-to-face with artists, performances, movies, book signings, and live podcasts.

CUDD stated, "I've always been passionate about creating—whether it be singing, songwriting, acting, or various art mediums. Like any musician who has to find their sound, I believe that every painter has to find their style. After eight years of serious soul-searching, I was finally able to unearth what resonated within me." Cudd noted.

With a collection resembling thousands of vibrantly colored butterflies, J.W. CUDD's "Angel Artifacts" portrays a positive vibration by representing the evolution of humanity throughout the Earth & Cosmos. Constructed with a layer of sea salt and glossy wings, the metaphysical nature of CUDD radiates onto his work. In an interview with Gas Mask Magazine CUDD stated, "I wanted to create something that would inspire—something that would make everyone come together. That was the motive behind Angel Artifacts. The larger pieces contain more than 3,000 butterflies, and after clocking in almost two years of work, I'm excited to unveil this collection to viewers. They were made with light, and I hope people see them for the beauty they resemble."

For this collection, CUDD was inspired by color schemes and auras—bringing out the beauty of Earth and humanity through gradient fills. Each painting is handmade, and each butterfly is painted eight to ten times, resulting in a monumental work of time and love. Painting and custom orders are now available to the public. A price catalogue can be provided to individuals and businesses upon request.